Delicate Care Dental Diet for Cats

Cat Dental Diet


Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Cats is an all life stage food specially formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for cats while at the same time promoting dental health. Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Cats is a perfect complement to the dental management plan prescribed by your Veterinarian and is suitable for lifelong use.


Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Cats is fortified with BIODENTAL™, our unique blend of phyto-derived organic acids, functional ingredients and botanicals.

The phyto-derived organic acids in BIODENTAL™ assist with the reduction of dental biofilms. Microbial Biofilms are complex communities of bacteria that form on the tooth surface and in the feline dental cavities. These come in the form of yellowish plaque that create environments where tooth decay can start. If left undisturbed, these conditions can lead to periodontal disease.

Functional ingredients such as Sodium Hexametaphosphate is added to Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Cats to assist with the reduction of calculus build-up on the cats’ teeth.

Selected botanicals like Yucca schidigera extract and parsley are incorporated to assist with the reduction of breath odour.

The kibbles in Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Cats have been made to a size, shape and density that have been shown to be important in the mechanical reduction of calculus on teeth. The kibble size and shape encourage cats to chew, thus providing a scraping action that delivers less accumulation of calculus on the cats’ teeth.




The feeding chart shown below is provided only as a guide and quantities fed to your cat can be adjusted depending on your Veterinarian’s recommendation, or your cat’s condition, age and activity level.

Cat Weight
Adult Indoor
Adult Outdoor
0.5 15
0.75 22
1 30
1.25 33
1.5 36
1.75 37
2 37
2.5 40
3 32 45
4 43 60
5 55 70
6 65 90
7 75 105
8 85 120


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Please note: To purchase Delicate Care Dental diet you will need to talk to your local Veterinarian or Vet Clinic.

Delicate Care Dental Diet for Cats

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