Delicate Care Hypoallergenic Dental Treat

delicate care dental treat hypoallergenic

Delicate Care™ – Hypoallergenic Dental Treat

The hypoallergenic dental treat helps to reduce plaque and tartar whilst freshening breath.

Reward your four legged friend with this tasty dental treat, while enjoying the benefits of a fresher breath when your pet thanks you as only a dog can. Expect your pet to be begging for seconds.

Suitable for Dogs with food intolerances, sensitive skin or digestive system.

Delicate Care™ Hypoallergenic Dental Treats are scientifically formulated for maximum dental benefit while being suitable for dogs with sensitive skin or digestive systems.  We use only the most natural, high quality ingredients available.


Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities and intolerances (hypoallergenic)
Delicate Care™ Hypoallergenic Dental Treat does not contain common allergens such as Chicken, Beef, Corn, wheat, soy or dairy. Instead, we’ve swapped the most common food allergens in favour of gluten-free sorghum, a highly digestible ancient grain with a Low GI ranking. This when combined with prime Australian kangaroo (low allergen protein), results in a tasty hypoallergenic treat.

Targets Dental Hygiene by:
Dental treat shape and size: Mechanical action to assist with cleaning of teeth.
Sodium HMP: Helps reduce tartar build-up.
BioDentalTM Blend: Organic Acids that are Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Biofilm
Yucca and Parsley: Assist with breath and odour control.

Hickory Smoked Flavour
Each Delicate Care™ Hypoallergenic Dental Treat for dogs is irresistibly flavoured by natural Hickory Smoke.

Our Premium Ingredients
Whole Sorghum, Australian Kangaroo, BioDentalTM Blend, Omega Magic™ Essential Oil Blend, Sodium HMP, Parsley, Natural Hickory Smoked Flavour , Kangaroo Digest, Yucca Schidigera Extract,  Natural Antioxidants.

Feeding Guide
This product is intended as a treat only, to compliment your dog's normal diet.

Size of Dog Treats per day
Small Dogs (under 15kg) 1 treat per day
Medium Dogs (15-25kg) 2 treats per day
Large Dogs (25-45kg) 3 treats per day
Extra Large Dogs (over 45kg)  4 treats per day

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Please note: To purchase Delicate Care Dental Treats you will need to talk to your local Veterinarian or Vet Clinic.


Delicate Care Hypoallergenic Dental Treat

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