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What is healthymouth™ water additive?

Over the past few years our lifestyles have changed drastically. Technology is advancing at a tremendous pace, new medical discoveries are being made, pets live longer due to informed veterinary care, social networking has boomed and access to information and knowledge is easier than ever. We are faced with higher demands at work, deadlines to meet and not enough time in a day to get everything done. You want the best for your pet and you do want to take care of their oral health the best you can, but you need a simple easy home dental care plan that will fit in your busy schedule. We understand this - healthymouth™ is here to help.

healthymouth™ is a concentrated dental formula that you simply just add to your pet’s water bowl for them to drink daily.  Making the solution up is quick and easy and not time consuming at all. You just add 5ml of the healthymouth™ concentrate to 1 litre of water and then pour it into a drinking bowl for your pet to drink. If your pet does not drink that much during the day, just pour out the amount they need in their bowl and put the rest of the made up solution into the fridge where it can be kept for up to two weeks before discarding.

healthymouth™ contains 100% natural ingredients which are sourced and manufactured in Australia.  Compared to most other dental water additives on the market, healthymouth™ does not contain any alcohol, xylitol, antimicrobials or synthetic agents. These agents can be harmful to a pet’s health. You wouldn’t consume mouthwash e.g. Listerine because you know it can be harmful therefore you spit it out after rinsing your mouth. So why would you have your pet drink water additives that contain these agents? There is also no sugar, fat or sodium added to the healthymouth™ formula. The ingredients are all natural so there are no known contraindications for using healthymouth™ in pets except for pets that might have pre-existing allergies to the ingredients. So always consult your veterinarian before use.

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How does healthymouth™ work?

Pets, like humans drink throughout the day and after eating. Each time they drink, healthymouth™, the natural ingredients form a “physical barrier” over the teeth.  This “physical barrier” helps to prevent bacteria from attaching to tooth surfaces thereby reducing the rate of plaque build-up. Clinical studies have proved that healthymouth™ will reduce plaque build-up by 88%! The ingredients also help to keep any existing plaque on teeth softer for longer so that it can be easier removed by professional dental cleans.

Periodontal Disease

The normal mouth contains its own healthy bacteria called “oral flora” which colonises the mouth leaving minimal room for unhealthy bacteria to invade and colonise. If these healthy “oral flora” are disrupted, there is more room available for unhealthy bacteria to invade and cause disease.  Most water additives on the market that contain antimicrobials, alcohol etc., will kill the good as well as the bad bacteria when used. This leaves the mouth vulnerable to the invasion of new bad bacteria to colonise the mouth afterwards as there are no good bacteria left to compete with the new bad invaders. healthymouth’s all natural ingredients does not kill the good bacteria, therefore it helps keep the mouth healthier for longer.

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How to use healthymouth?

healthymouth’s mode of action is physical rather than mechanical. This means that healthymouth™ won’t remove any plaque or tartar that is already present on tooth surfaces. The teeth first need to have a professional dental clean to remove any existing plaque and tartar. Plaque can start to build-up quickly after a dental clean if nothing is done at home to prevent it. healthymouth™ should be used DAILY as part of a comprehensive home dental care program to reduce plaque accumulation. We recommend that you introduce healthymouth™ to your pet a week before the professional dental clean, as dentals can be stressful and you might not want to stress your pet by introducing a new product the same day.

If introducing healthymouth™ to your pet for the first time, we recommend to dilute the product first and then gradually work up to the normal dosage. The reason for this is that cats and dogs don’t tolerate rapid changes in their diets as well as humans do and some cats and dogs might develop mild diarrhoea or vomiting if they are changed over too quickly to a new product. So as a recommended guide:

  • Day 1 – Make up healthymouth™ as per direction on the bottle (5ml to 1 litre of water). Put 10% of the made up solution in your pet’s water bowl then add clean water to make up the rest in the bowl to dilute the product further. Put the left over healthymouth™ made up solution in the fridge so that you don’t waste it.
  • Day 2 – Put 20% of the made up healthymouth™ solution in your pet’s water bowl then add clean water to make up the rest in the bowl to dilute the product further.
  • Day 3 - Put 50% of the made up healthymouth™ solution in your pet’s water bowl then add clean water to make up the rest in the bowl to dilute the product further.
  • Day 4 - Put 75% of the made up healthymouth™ solution in your pet’s water bowl then add clean water to make up the rest in the bowl to dilute the product further.
  • Day 5 - Put 100% of the made up healthymouth™ solution in your pet’s water bowl and don’t add any additional water to it. And just continue giving the normal dose daily to prevent plaque accumulation.

If your pet does develop mild diarrhoea and vomiting even with gradual introduction, please consult your local veterinarian.

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What is the VOHC® Seal?

VOHC sealVOHC stands for “Veterinary Oral Health Council”. The council is in the United States of America. The VOHC council consist of nine board certified veterinary dentists and dental scientist. The council reviews clinical trial data submissions and recommends whether to award the VOHC Seal to a product. If a product meets the pre-set standards of plaque and tartar retardation in dogs and cats, the product receives the VOHC seal for “Helps control plaque”. VOHC registered marks are owned by the American Veterinary Dental College. Purchasing products that contain this seal will give you peace of mind knowing that the product has merit for helping to combat dental disease.

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FAQ about healthymouth

What are the benefits of healthymouth?

It is highly effective (clinical studies proved it can reduce plaque accumulation by up to 88%) , contains 100% natural ingredients only and is very easy for owners to administer on a daily basis. As part of a complete dental program, it can help to extend the life of your pet.

Why is the water green?

healthymouth™ contains chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. The chlorophyll provides the green colour to all the healthymouth™ formulations (including the flavoured formulations).

Is it normal for my pet to have a slight greenish tint to their urine?

Yes. The chlorophyll in healthymouth™ can cause your pet’s urine to have a slight greenish tint to it, similar to the urine in humans that can turn slightly purple after eating beetroot.

Why is it important that healthymouth™ does not contain chemicals?

healthymouthTM believes that for a product to be truly effective, it should be able to achieve results without chemicals that could potentially cause damage to other organs or that could lead to other health problems.

Is healthymouth™ safe to use in my dog or cat?

Since the healthymouth™ formulations contain a 100% natural ingredients only, there are no know contraindications for using it. However some pets, like some humans, may have food allergies. So always consult your veterinarian before using healthymouth™.

Does healthymouth™ freshen breath?

We want owners to understand that bad breath in dogs commonly referred to as "doggy breath" is not normal. It is one of the first, and most obvious signs, as it is in humans, that there is bacteria in the mouth which if not removed will lead to infection. Unlike other dental care products on the market advertising "will freshen breath" HealthymouthTM contains no breath masker which would only serve to hide an unhealthy mouth. Instead, healthymouthTM fights bad breath at its source. If your dog has bad breath, we want you to know it and to take your dog to your veterinarian for a dental examination and teeth cleaning.

What if my pet won’t drink healthymouth™ when I introduce it?

Do not panic. The majority of pets lap it up. However, pets can be like children and do not like anything changed in their routine. Healthymouth™, because of its active ingredients is a pleasant apple green colour. This is why some pets hesitate at first. All you have to do is exceptionally add more water than usual to healthymouth™ for about the first week and integrate it more slowly so that at first it appears hardly green and then by week end it is up to the normal dose and colour. Bet your pet will be lapping it up by this time!

What if my pet has allergies to some of the ingredients or doesn’t like the taste even after gradual introduction?

healthymouth™ comes with a 100% client satisfaction and palatability guarantee. So if you are not satisfied, you take the product back to your veterinarian for a full refund.

Can healthymouth™ be used in water-fountains?

If you want to use healthymouth™  in a water-fountain for your pet, we recommend that you remove the filter as the ingredient particles in healthymouth™ are large enough to potentially clog up the water-fountain.

What is the green stuff at the bottom of my pet’s water bowl?

It is the sediment of healthymouth™ and it is normal to be there.

Can my cat use the dog product and my dog use the cat product?

Yes. The formulations can be used interchangeably between dogs and cats. The only difference between the dog original and cat original healthymouth™ is that the cat product contains added taurine and salmon oil. Apart from that the ingredients are the same.

How often should healthymouth™ be given to my pet?

healthymouth™ should be used daily to have full beneficial effects.


100% satisfaction & palatability guarantee - so, if you are not
100% satisfied you can return the product to your vet for a full refund.

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Send us a healthymouth enquiry

If you want to purchase healthymouth for your pets, please talk to your local veterinarian clinic.

What is Periodontal Disease?

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