Introducing Enzadent™

Looking after your dog's teeth should be easy, and what could be easier than giving your pet their favourite treat?


Dental homecare for your dog can be


and.. it's made in Australia!

What is Enzadent™?

Enzadent™ is a dental chew, designed to be a tasty, daily treat to improve the oral health of your dog.

The chew combines the action of 3 ingredients:

Icon-Ascphyllum nodosum

What makes Enzadent™ special?

There are many different types of dental chews and treats out there, working via different means. Enzadent™ is a unique dental chew with ingredients that work systemically. After being absorbed through the digestive system the ingredients travel to the oral cavity via the bloodstream to improve oral health. This means that Enzadent™ works even for those dogs that don’t always chew their food! Enzadent™ can be given as dental treat to your dog, saving a lot of hassle on your part.

Enzadent™ is also a 100% Australian made and owned product, with a 45-day 100% money back satisfaction and palatability guarantee!


How do I use Enzadent™?

Enzadent™ is designed for daily use.

The chew comes in 2 sizes:

Small Chews Large Chews
3g 5g

See table for directions for use.

* This product should not be given to pregnant or lactating dogs or to dogs with thyroid problems. Consult your veterinarian for guidance on product use and advice on your dog’s dental health before use.


FAQs about Enzadent™?

How does Enzadent work?

The ingredients in Enzadent work systemically, meaning through the blood stream. They may assist in reducing plaque and tartar accumulation in your dog's mouth.

What is in Enzadent?

Enzadent contains the following ingredients: Kangaroo meat, ovine plasma, sorbitol, Ascophyllum nodosum, hydrolysed chicken, sorbic acid, sodium hexametaphosphate, vegetable oil, enzymes (including protease, amylase, cellulase, hemicellulase, lipase, papain, bromelain).

Is Enzadent safe for my dog?

Scientific studies have shown the ingredients within Enzadent to be effective in reducing plaque and tartar formation. The ingredients can also be found in other dental health products available for dogs. Ascophyllum nodosum is a seaweed containing naturally high levels of iodine. Therefore, this product may not be suitable for animals with thyroid disease or expected thyroid problems. It is also important to consider any allergies your dog may have to the individual ingredients. We recommend consulting your vet before using Enzadent in your dog.

My dog has great teeth already, do I need Enzadent?

Yes, absolutely. Good dental health is about great teeth and gums. However, plaque build-up on your dog's teeth is not visible to the naked eye. If left unmanaged, it can quickly mineralise and become calculus: the yellow deposits that are visible on teeth. Calculus build-up can lead to inflammation of the gums. Enzadent can help slow these processes which lead to dental disease in dogs.

Can Enzadent be used in cats?

Enzadent has been developed for use in dogs. At present, no safety or efficacy studies have been carried out for use in cats.

Can Enzadent be used in young dogs?

Currently, there is no minimum age recommendation for use of the product in dogs. We recommend consulting your vet about whether Enzadent is suitable for your dog, considering the labelled dose and contraindications.

Can I use Enzadent if I am using other dental chews?

Yes. For owners who want to take a multi-modal approach to their dog's dental health, Enzadent can be used in conjunction with dental chews, which provide mechanical cleaning, to bring about healthier teeth and gums.

Will Enzadent work if my dog hasn't chewed it?

The ingredients within Enzadent are absorbed in by the digestive system and then travel to the oral cavity via the bloodstream. So, as long as the chew has been eaten, the ingredients can help improve your dog's oral health.

What if my dog doesn't eat the chew?

The Enzadent chew can be crumbled up and either mixed into or sprinkled over your dog's favourite food daily. Some dogs may prefer to eat the chew this way. Your dog can still benefit from the ingredients within Enzadent even if it is not chewed. If you are still having difficulties, Enzadent is backed by a 45 day 100% money back satisfaction and palatability guarantee.

Where can I buy Enzadent chews for my dog?

Enzadent chews can be purchased at your local vet clinic or online at obay.com.au

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Please note: Enzadent can only be purchased through your local vet clinic or online at obay.com.au



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